Beyond Expectations Academy

The students are taught through the ABA methods of:

  • Discrete Trail Training – Skills are broken down into the smallest tasks and taught individually.
  • Pivotal Response Training – A behavioral intervention technique used to improve specific skills in the areas of language, play and social skills. It is based on the theory that behavior hinges on "pivotal" behavioral skills that have a broad effect by increasing motivation and the ability to respond to many cues.
  • Functional Routines – When skills are incorporated within routine activities, they can be systematically practiced throughout the day in a functional manner.  Using the targeted skills within the context of performing the routine enables the child to eventually rely on natural cues to maintain their behavior

We also offer programs that focus on teaching adolescents with disabilities the importance of being independent and how to be self-sufficient with daily living activities. They take weekly field trips to places like the grocery store and laundromat, in order to reinforce these skills.

Every day our teachers work with the children to modify behaviors into ones that are more socially appropriate, use verbal behavior tools to increase language development, and help them stay on task so that they can reach their personal academic goals. We aim to provide every child with the opportunity to go beyond expectations.